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09 PJ Care

Jules Corry
over 3 years agoDecember 13, 2015
As a ex- resident of PJ care at the Eaglewood centre they were amazing and were able to bring me back from a Critical rta accident. Sadly my commissioning board cut my funding before I was ready to return home, the end result has been 18 months of poor community care and a total lack of personal care. I can not say this any stronger. Please help us ensure that, as a patient, we are able to retain a quality of life that all of us would want. PJ care really do care for each and every person.
Anthony Nottingham
over 3 years agoMarch 26, 2016
Jules - I just visited the Eaglewood center today, I was invited by Alex Hilton who works there. I am a local musician and teacher and I they invited me there with a view to potentially set up an in - house radio station. The idea is that I can help the residents have a musical outlet, to feature their playlists and tracks on the show, to invite tham to talk about their stories in the studio. To train them to present a show or use the studio.  I watched your story and video and I thought you should know I am sorry  and also that I , and others are tyong to make things better.
almost 3 years agoAugust 25, 2016

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