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What role will oil and gas play in the future energy mix?

Oswaldo Mello De Mnezes da AVANTE OFFSHORE DO BRAS
almost 3 years agoSeptember 23, 2016
Dear now after all these problems with Petrobras
have a concern for years: how to drop the 74 platforms
stop being discarded for being in end of use
spent time and 10 Thousand Km of Pipeline to remove from the bottom of the sea
Petrobras has no planning of this type for this scenario
We know that at worst a platform takes 24 months to
get ready with periods of 12 hours of work Monday to Monday
with 150 employees ok? now at sea how long would it take
has anyone stopped to think about it? Not all countries have this problem
only now, with the passage of time 30 to 50 years the platforms
start problem and we have to think fast in a solution before a big crash and compromise the entire planet ok
My name is Oswaldo m.m. (planning and development)
await response.
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